Nell C?

Hello! As you can guess from the title I am a teenager and I'm Coeliac. As it does not say in the title, I have Bipolar type 2 and a type of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome.
So that's basically me.
I started this blog because I wanted to reach out to people who are just like me. Now I want to break through the stigma surrounding mental illnesses, while completing my original goals at the same time. I want to show people that there is a life after the diagnoses and that depressive periods and eating difficulties are not the end of the world.
I hope to make some allies on the web, support people who need support and share any amazing recipes I find! I want everyone to find a happy place on the web and I pray that my site doesn't become too depressive and boring!!
This is my first blog and the first time I've every really paid any attention to the internet (aside from a source of research for school :P )!
So here goes nothing! Please support me and guide me!! I will always be grateful for constructive criticism and your opinions, I think that's what makes websites great!! :) Please be kind and I will do my best for you!!

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